Monday, 1 September 2014



@  Aldous Huxley


I really love uniqueness and originality so i was delighted to visit 
this totally adorable Sim.
One takes a porcelain plate and instead of drawing or painting the
lovely Asian scene, the "picture" stands up in 3D, a bit like those
kiddy books with pop-up images that i used to love.
I take my hat off to the creator for the idea, and for turning a simple
plate into a pretty and interesting place to visit.

As you all know I don't like to push myself into my photos, but in this
case i really wished i had had a fitting outfit for this scene.

I wasn't sure why its was called Tree & Ocean as unfortunately there
is not much info in the land tab yet , all it says there is "Home of Tree
and Ocean SL (TOSL) and Project PossUM!"
So after some research, turns out its group owned, the owner being
Quinlan Quimby, and on the blog it say...

"Tree & Ocean is a content creator for virtual worlds. If you are a
resident of Second Life, you might know us best as TOSL.
Come visit our little corner of virtual reality, where you can find almost
every eclectic and eccentric thing your heart desires!" 

So there you go, mystery solved, so far so good (pats herself on
the back and grins) 

So it also turns out that high above the plate is the TOSL Store, which is
still under construction, so i just took a couple of pics of that too as
it looks like its going to be a very fun store from the design and will be
filled with all kinds of cute things, including Mesh clothing.

 The Store~which is under construction so watch your step :D